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Do you want to launch a digital product?
Powerful knowledge and strategies for launching and scaling up your business projects on the Internet.
Why Our Customers Choose Us
We have helped hundreds of people to create and start selling courses, trainings, ebooks and other types of digital products on the Internet.
We are result oriented: ≈ 360 online projects have been established with revenues ranging from $1,000 to $15,000 USD per month.
All our professionals have more than 5 years' experience in marketing and online business. Their expertise helps our clients to get started with minimal time and money expenses.
Free webinar
This is a webinar for those who have been dreaming of getting out of the "current reality", doing their own thing and making dreams come true one by one.

We will talk about online education industry, what it is, and how it is possible to make money from your knowledge or expertise on Internet.

Register for a free webinar right now and get a step-by-step PDF plan on how to start your digital product business.
Create an online business and get more income and freedom
Do you dream about creating a 100% online income?

Then our business training "Launch your digital product business" is at your fingertips. It's over 8 weeks, learning everything you need to build, launch and promote your own digital product business.

It provides an annual support and a guarantee of achieving result. Everyone who has downloaded our e-book receives a special offer.
Meet our team
We are team of DigiSenses - an educational platform that helps people start an online business or scale up an existing on the Internet.
Albert Bright
CEO & founder
Entrepreneur, business trainer and partner in the leading online business company.
Vlad Magdin
CTO & co-founder
Internet technologies, media, e-commerce and other technical business aspects.
Inessa Shaeva
CMO and co-founder
Developing, implementing and managing marketing campaigns.
+ 35 supervisors, business analysts and marketers who will help you build a profitable online business
What Do Our Customers Say?
"In February 2016, I made my life's best investment for me and my business. I entered into a partnership with the DigiSenses team. They helped me to sell my "Interior design" online course in the world through webinar marketing. I was excited to get the help I needed to succeed.

I can say by heart: this is the most genius team I have ever cooperated. They provided a strategy and methodology that enabled me to achieve success. They do not just tell how entrepreneurs can succeed online, but they really manage to help them create results.

They are enthusiastic, service minded, and deliver to deadline. They guided me through all steps required to build and promote my online course. I held a total of 4 webinar and sold 139 courses.

WOW! My best selling of my life. It brought me almost 40 000 USD."

Rezheen Basit
"I had the pleasure to work closely with DigiSenses team on launching my own online business. Albert helped me with everything related to developing and promoting my digital products."
Katrina Martin
"DigiSenses training has given me a lot of value. I have been thinking about creating my own courses, but I didn't have any technical skills to get started. Content in modules was brilliant. I was very pleased with simple and good explanations in all modules."

Adam Meir
"I'm delighted with the training! It included modules, lessons, tasks and cooperation with supervisor. In summary, their training helped me launch business in a much faster and smoother way! Thanks!"
Morgann McGinty