How to sell knowledge online?

Albert Bright
I know that you are interested in business. And I like the fact that you want to improve your life. I'm sure you belong to one of those groups:

  • You are beginner, and don't run any business. But you consider to start your own online business by using Internet and improve your financial situation.
  • You are entrepreneur and you run traditional business. But you do not feel it is something you want to continue to work with. And you're looking for projects that you can turn into an exciting online business and scale up your profit.
  • You already do what you really like. You picked a niche for your online business. But you do not have enough knowledge and strategies to build a massive sustainable business.

In the next few minutes I will help you understand what types of online business you can create, how it works, and what is required to get started with it. So let's begin!

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Traditional Internet Business
Time when everything just started!
Over the past 10 years, we can observe the rapid growth of the Internet. Have you heard all those stories when young 20 years old teenagers who undestand how Internet works, manage to create ecommerce stores that compete with traditional stores. And if those online stores get the right promotion strategy, their income can be 10 times higher than in traditional stores.

That's weird. But that's true! Now when you need to buy some product you just use the Internet! So if you are looking for something, you don't call to someone, or open a newspaper, you just google it. That's where you check possible options and order goods. And all those processes happen online now!

Internet boom was in the 2000s. That's a time when ecommerce stores started to appear around the world. People began to get used to the idea to buy goods on the Internet. At the beginning it was different forums and simple websites. Now it is social media (Facebook, Instagram) and huge international Internet stores (Ebay, Amazon, Alibaba etc).

As an example, now when you search for "buy iphone" in Google, as a search result you get thousands of different websites where you can place an order, and get delivery directly to your home. You can also see different marketing ads and promotions. And that's great as you get good services.

But what do you know about Internet education industry? Or by other words, products that you can buy online in digital format? That's basically the main topic of this article!
Internet Education Industry
Or how people buy knowledge online
Do you remember how often you wonder about something? As an example:

  • how to repare a car
  • how to learn to play a guitar
  • how to learn new language
  • how to learn massage techniques

It is basically the same approach as it is in traditional online business. When you need answers, you start to google your questions. And when you get the information you were looking for, you just buy it. At the same way when you buy physical products on the Internet.

As an example, you buy information when:

  • you have private lessons with a tutor;
  • you learn how to drive a car at driving school;
  • you attend studios to learn yoga and mediation.
That is, people are willing to pay you for knowledge and skills that they can learn from you (audio training, consultation, internet seminar, video course, book, PDF book). And if you provide good quality product - your customers will buy from you again and again.

Check out examples below to understand average monthly searhes in Google for different requests. You can use a free tool that shows statistics on Google requests. Screenshots below are made from this tool that is called "Google Keyword Plan".
And that's only the small part of those potential customers you can find on the Internet. And now the main goal is to figure out how you can get started with this type of business, become an expert in some field, and sell your knowledge to people on the Internet.
How you can get started to sell knowledge online
And how to make people want to buy from you!
All details about how you can create and start selling ebooks, course, trainings and other types of digital products you can get on our free webinar. Click here to check it out.

In today's article we just briefly explain how this works, what you need to do, and why everyone can start this business no matter what was your previous life and business experience!
1. Positioning yourself in the market!

Positioning is how you want the market to perceive you. Basically you form your positioning by yourself. When people just come across with you for the first time, they don't know you yet. So you can present yourself as you wish. The main point is that is close to reality.

Ok, let's check an example.

DigiSenses - is a leading educational platform that helps people start an online business or scale up an existing on the Internet.

Do you understand what I mean? Positioning determines your future movement and perhaps is one of the most important steps. Start thinking how you can position yourself before you start your own business project.
2. Attract right target audience

Think who your customers are, and how they look like! Build a portrait of your potential client. That's a very important step because if you offer your product to the wrong audience, you will not be able to get paying customers.

In addition, you need to build relationships with customers before you make an offer. When people see you for the first time, they don't know you. And that's a very little chance they buy something from you! But when you build relationships with customers, they start to like you, and eventually trust you!

There're three possible options how you can build credibility among potential customers:

  • provide some value for free;
  • get testimonials from customers to show social proof;
  • get references about you from trusted sources (newspapers, websites etc).
3. Become an expert

Sometime people say that they don't have any knowledge that can be sold. And that's a main reason why they are not able to start this type of online business.

That's a delusion! You don't need to know everything to build this business. I have prepared a short video where I explain how this works. Please check it out!
That's basically all information I wanted to share with you today. If you feel you want to create this business, and need more information, please consider to sign up for our free webinar. Check it out below!
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