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"How to create and start selling ebooks, courses, trainings and other types of digital products online"
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Examples of successful DIGITAL PRODUCT businesses
You will understand how people around the world manage to create and sell digital products with revenue up to $50,000 USD per/month.
Business plans for DIGITAL PRODUCT businesses
You will get a business plan of a digital product business that will help you create and start selling digital product just in 3 month after the launch.
How to get started with DIGITAL PRODUCT BUSINESS
You will get to know how to attract customers to digital product business, and how to deal with technical side of the business.
Albert Bright
CEO & founder
Entrepreneur, business trainer and partner in the leading online business company.
Inessa Shaeva
CMO & co-founder
Developing, implementing and managing marketing campaigns.
Vlad Magdin
CTO & co-founder
Internet technologies, media, e-commerce and other technical business aspects.