Inessa Shaeva

Marketer & Traveler
Wake up!

I know you would like to be location, schedule and financially independent. No matter who you're! No matter where you're!

I remember from a very young age that we need to get good grades, get a good college and then a good job! Everything else does not matter!

I agree it is important! But what should you do if you cannot enjoy your lifestyle?

Just take as it comes, or?

My name is Inessa Shaeva, and I'm in my early 20s. For the last few years I have been doing online business projects, studying, traveling, and enjoying life!

And today I'm going to talk about Internet, and how it changes the lives of millions of people every single day!
What do you know about Internet?
Or why is it something more than just wasting time in Facebook or Instagram!
Now we have access to any information as never before in the history! Using Internet you can find anything you're looking for, or are interested in.

Usually it is free! Sometime you have to pay for it! That's also true!

But do you understand that investment in knowledge and education is the best investment you can ever do?!
There's a lot of popularity surrounding the term "passive income" right now. Everyone wants to build a "passive business income". The true is it does not exist!

No business is passive, lifestyle or otherwise. You need to work. There's nothing easy about it. But now you can easily afford it! Everything you need is access to Internet and desire to learn!
My first online experience
How I started my yoga and meditation Internet project

So basically, few years ago I was a student. I was learning business at university, and had many theoretical lessons that I did not clearly understand at that time.

I had plenty of boring assignments I always did not find time for. Important to emphasize that I was a good student and had a good grades.

What I want to say is that I felt I wanted something more! Something different, more practical, interesting and exciting!

The idea to start a boring routine work after my university was not fascinating! I had to do something!
So I started to learn! I was learning everything that was interesting for me. All my money I had I was investing into different courses and trainings! And continue to do it now! And that's how I learnt about online business!

Few months later I started my first business project! The goal of my project was to teach people around the world how to use meditation and yoga in everyday life. Check it out below!
P.S.: that's a screenshot from a website of my first project. It's not available anymore, but I hosted website for you to check it out!
P.S.: are you interested to find out how I came up with a niche for my first project, how I gained required knowledge to create a product, and promote it on Internet? If so, please let me know in the comment section, and I will write a detailed article about it!

Also you can check out our ebook that we prepared for you. It provides a detailed guide on how you can launch an online course or training. Only useful and practical knowledge is there! Access it by this link.
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