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As a member of DigiSenses, you get unlimited help and consulting on how you can market, promote, and grow your business on the Internet.
This membership is designed for businesses!
Advantages Of Membership
We focus on growing your business successfully with online marketing services.
Facebook Ads Consulting
Free consulting on how to start building brand awareness, generate leads and drive sales from social media platforms like Facebook and Instagram.
Google Ads Consulting
Free consulting on how to increase conversions or traffic to your website by designing the Google ads that target your most qualified audience and reach your goals.
Website Audit Consulting
Free consulting and technical audit of your website. If there are any problems, we will find them and show you how to resolve them in order to increase targeted traffic, leads and sales.
Email Marketing Consulting
Free consulting on how to start or improve email marketing campaign in order to build trust with customers and turn them into repeat customers.
Webinar Consulting
Free consulting on how to create live and automated webinars to build trust, showcase your expertise, demonstrate and eventually sell your products or services.
GDPR Compliance Consulting
Free consulting on how to prepare your business for GDPR-compliance. We analyze your website to find out what you can do to best handle GDPR rules, for both your business and your users.
Other Advantages
We work hard to help you increase sales and attract more customers to your online or physical business!
Digital Marketing Services
50% discount on all digital marketing services if you want our team to develop and integrate marketing solutions for your business.
Private Workshops
50% discount on private on-site marketing workshop for your team. We analyze your business case and provide digital marketing solutions and strategies during this workshop.
Video Production
50% discount on creative and informative quality photo and video production. We will come to any location of your choice and turn to reality your vision for your brand or product.
Online Trainings
Free access to online learning trainings for business owners and marketers. Our trainings include the latest industry trends and proven concepts from leading marketing experts.
Live and On-Demand Webinars
Free access to webinars on the latest marketing topics including customer acquisition strategies, marketing ways to increase website sales, effective advertising strategies and much more.
Events and Conferences
Free access to special events such as breakfasts, conference and pre-conference programs organized by DigiSenses in Oslo throughout the year.
Networking Business Opportunities
If you're looking for team members, partners, or maybe consider to scale up your business, we can help you with that. We work with many business investors, accelerators and incubators.
Personal Consultant
Marketing Consultant
A personal digital marketing consultant will be assigned to your business.

Consultant will help to build a bridge between your business and the online world, helping to sell products, services, and advise your company the best way to reach your customers online.
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Membership Price
Our membership is designed for companies of all sizes!
NOK 10000 per/year
0-5 employees in the company
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NOK 30000 per/year
6-20 employees in the company
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NOK 50000 per/year
21+ employees in the company
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What Our Members Say
Our company managed to triple online sales by developing new website's selling pages and integrating Google Ads with email marketing.
Mehmet Polat
I systematically enhance my marketing knowledge by having access to DigiSenses' online trainings, webinars and workshops.
Marco Magnani
Social Media Manager in Oslo International Hub
Our team and partners
We offer the full range of services needed to increase sales and attract new customers to your business via the Internet.
Our team consists of experienced specialists with a long career in marketing and digitization. We have worked with customers all over the world from a wide range of industries.

Contact us today for a free and no-obligation consultation!
Frequently Asked Questions
Why should I become a member of DigiSenses?
DigiSenses is a marketing consulting company based in Oslo. We provide digital marketing education and private marketing consulting for businesses. We're experts in generating leads, sales, Facebook advertising, email marketing, website development, private and business branding.

As a member of DigiSenses, you get access to private consulting on how your business can increase sales and get more customers from the Internet. You will be assigned a personal consultant who will help to build a bridge between your business and the online world.
How DigiSenses can help to improve online marketing of my company?
If you consider to get started with online advertisement, we can help you choose the best marketing campaign for your business. We start by analyzing the type of your company, product and market, and offer the best tactics and advertising techniques to reach your audience and sell your product.

If you already promote your business online, we can provide consulting on how to scale up your advertising campaign. We offer new advertising channels, tools and techniques that can be integrated to your business to maximize customer engagement, conversion rates and return on investment.

Also we can help your business to solve technical issues, integrate external tools and strategies in what your employees are not experts and need a help with.
How can I use advantages of this membership? In what form?
You can use advantages of this membership in the form of personal business consulting. You will be assigned a personal consultant that you and your business can always keep in touch with. Consulting is performed via email, chat messengers, skype and personal meetings in Oslo.

Also you get a 50% discount on all our services if you want our team to take care about developing and integrating marketing solutions for your business.

In addition, you get access to DigiSenses trainings, webinars and offline events in Oslo.
Will my company start to sell more products / services?
Yes, definitely! Using digital marketing, you can reach an enormous targeted audience in a cost-effective and measurable way. You can save money and reach the right customers at a much lower cost than traditional marketing methods.

Other digital marketing advantages include increasing brand loyalty, improving brand awareness and developing relationships with an audience. All these factors help to get more customers and drive more sales.
Will my company save money with membership in DigiSenses?
Yes, it will! Hiring a digital marketer in Oslo costs around kr 600,000 per year. In addition, hiring a proper candidate is a time and money consuming process. For example, posting a full-time job vacancy on costs around kr 9900 for 6 weeks. Being a member of DigiSenses, you get a personal consultant that you can work with any time during the year when your business have such a need.

Also we provide a 50% discount on all marketing services if you want our team to develop and integrate marketing solutions for your business. In such case, you do not need to search for external consulting companies every time. We can do that for you with a 50% discount.

Also if you have a company with a big marketing department, membership with us can be also useful for you. Foremost your employees get a free access to trainings, webinars, workshops and other digital marketing materials. And secondly, we can help to solve technical issues, integrate external tools and strategies to your business when you have such a need.
Who can become a member of DigiSenses?
Registered companies in Norway, Sweden and Finland that have an organization number.
Can I become a member if I'm registered as an enkeltpersonforetak?
Yes, you can.
How much does it cost to become a member?
It depends on the number of employees in your company. The price ranges between NOK 10,000 - 50,000 per year.
What is the payment process when I signed up to become a member?
First you register to become a member via the registration form. You will receive a welcome message within 1-3 days. We send invoices electronically by e-mail with attached PDF or by ordinary mail. Payment deadline is 14 days.
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