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We have helped to launch and promote more than 100 online business projects for customers all over the world.
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Online vs. Traditional Business
If you are looking to be an entrepreneur, you have two main types of businesses. Check out the difference to understand the main advantages of online business!
Traditional business
  • Without investments it is impossible to start a business
  • The number of customers is limited to your location
  • Requires warehouse and logistics of physical products
  • Infrastructure cost is very high
  • Manual processing of business transactions
  • Need to hire staff for sales, accounting and management
  • Investments are large and there is no guarantee of return
Online business
  • You can start without investment
  • Ability to work with clients from all over the world
  • Ability to sell digital products anytime on Internet
  • Physical presence of the customer is not required
  • Possible to work from anywhere anytime
  • Accepting payments and selling products can be automated
  • Investment is less and chances of positive results are more
Few facts about online education business
Online education is experiencing a huge growth spurt. The number of students taking online classes increased by 78% in the last few years.
LinkedIn has bought the educational platform Lynda for $1.5 billion.
This education platform reports that their top-10 online coaches earned $1.6 million (based on May 2014).
The average user searches for about 17 queries per months in Google with the question "How".
This statistic is impressive, but what should I do with that?
In the next few minutes you will figure out how you can get started with this type of business!
Every day millions of people use Google/Yahoo/ Youtube to search for answers to their questions!
And you can create your online education business in one of the niches to sell your knowledge to people
Check out a demonstration video to understand how online education businesses work
Today we have so much digital information available to us.

With the click of a button, we have access to books, music, lessons, tutorials, courses, graphics, photography, blogs, apps, themes and more. Pretty much anything you want can be bought digitally.

Watch our demonstration video to see how existing online businesses sell digital products online and how people buy them.
DigiSenses.com: types of digital products that can be sold on Internet
What if you manage to..?
Package your knowledge (or knowledge of others) into a digital product that is sold on Internet around the world.

24/7. Automatically. Without you. So that you can sleep while people buy your product online.

What if you really managed that, imagine, what would your life be?!

In the next few months you will be able to create and launch your online education business. Get freedom. And start earning lots of money.
"To start an online business was one of the best decisions in our lives, as in the lives of thousands of people who have launched business on Internet", founders of DigiSenses.com.

Yes, at first it's scary. It is not clear and everything is covered with darkness. But if you do not try, nothing will happen and change your life.

«But if you try, you can win. Especially if you know the rules of online business and how to play them (we'll help you).
DigiSenses.com: Business training
We Developed the Methodology for Creating Online Education Business
Business plan and business model
Website and landing page
Trafic, content and marketing
Digital product (course, training)
Niche and unique selling proposition
Webinar and chatbox
Email marketing automation
Sales department
Annual Training Education And Support
3 months of learning and intensive until the first results
Money back guarantee if result is not achieved
6 months of support for stabilizing and growing your business
How is the training going?
You join our business training
Perform tasks and report progress
Attend online lectures and interactive lessons

Get first customers and automate all business processes
Setup an advertising campaign and build a sales funnel
Cooperate with your personal supervisor
Create your digital product and website
Training Content and Detailed Description
1) Fundamentals and foundations
In this module we cover the fundamental laws of online business, marketing and sales so that you understand the science behind everything. Once a clear understanding is established we get to work on the foundations of your online business.

The foundations are things like: drawing up a plan for your business, forming a legal and technical bases, picking a niche and marketing your offer to the niche.
2) Picking a niche and partners
This module is designed to help you identify your true desires, needs and opportunities. You will figure out the areas of activity that are most suitable and interesting for you. As a result, through our methodology and exercises you will pick a niche for your online business.

You will learn possible types of cooperation and techniques required to check the compatibility of potential partners with you, your team and business. Eventually you will be able to choose a partner and the appropriate type of cooperation.
3) Business model and business plan
We'll take you through every stage of writing a business model and business plan that will help you understand how your business should be put together.

By preparing a Business Model Canvas you will develop a clear view of your value proposition, operations, customers, and finances. You will identify where you need to focus your time and attention as you start and grow your business. This will reduce the risks and uncertainty in your business.
4) Digital product: creation and development
You will get a detailed step-by-step intructions required to create a digital product. Instuctions will include information about how to develop a product, how to plan and prepare content, and what platforms/tools can be used to create it.You will get knowledge required to make your product interactive, interesting and exciting to work with.

This section is designed to help you create a product in the form of course, training, tutorial, e-book, video, podcast, blog and graphic template. In the end of this section, you will have a digital product ready for sale.
5) Website: creation and development
You will be learning basic principles of creating high conversion landing pages and websites. We will provide detailed instuctions that you can use to build a website by yourself, and a list of trusted freelancers, if you want to delegate development part.

In this module, you will
- find out how to choose a domain, how to purchase it, and connect it to your website;
- create and setup your business website, selling pages, and prepare their structure;
- learn how to write a powerful selling texts for your website;
- create Social Media pages for your business, and connect them to your website;
- connect Google and social media analytics tools to your website;
- integrate a lead form to collect visitor email addresses in exchange for a free download;
- connect credit cards and banking services to accept payments on the website.
6) Traffic and sales funnel
In this section, we will walk you through the organic and paid traffic methods that you can use to attract customers to your business. You will learn how to analyze and identify marketing methods that work best for your niche.

In this module, you will learn how to setup:
- Google search engine advertising;
- Targeted Facebook, Instagram and LinkedIn advertising;
- Content and email marketing campaigns;
- Live and automated webinar campaigns.

You will get to know how to create a sales funnel in order to establish credibility of your brand among potential customers and automate your marketing. As a result, you will be able to launch advertising campaign and push people through your sales funnel.
7) Sales and sales department
In this section we will show you the art and science of attracting clients. You'll learn how to attract total strangers from within your niche and how to convert them into paying customers by using sales script and sales department.

We will provide information required to build an effective sales department and automate all processes. You will understand where and how you can look for sellers, and what it requires to train and motivate them. You will get sales scripts that we use in our business.

In addition, it will be explained how to make upsails, cross-sales, recurrent sales and sales of new products to existing customers. As a result, you will create a sales department for your business.
8) Legal aspects of business
In this section, we will explain what legal obligations are applied to online business, and how to deal with them. You will learn how to comply a business with strict regulations when it comes to copyright, security, privacy and sales tax.

In this section, you will get to know:
- what type of company you can use in online business, and how to register it;
- how to pay taxes, and register your business for VAT (value-added tax);
- how to register a trademark and protect your business;
- how to process users' data according to data protection principles;
- what certain information your website must include;
- how to collect and process payments from users;
- cancellation rights of the customer.
Just imagine a situation
that the best world experts of online business
are your teachers and mentors.
Los Angeles, CA, USA
Annually we spend thousands of dollars on education and trainings for our team!
We learn from the top-world experts, personally attend their trainings and read their books. We are happy to share these knowledge and techniques so that you can apply them in your online business.
Training Creators
We are team of DigiSenses - an company that helps people start an online business or scale up an existing by using Internet.
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3990 INR
990 INR
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Full access to modules of training content

Detailed step-by-step guide on how to
create each part of your online business

Templates of sales emails, presentations,
subscription web pages and webinars

Access to supportive community

Certificate of Training Completion

Personal supervisor: checking your
progress, providing feedbacks and
answering questions

Personal consulting

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People Who Create Business With Us
Our Clients Feedbacks
I was mostly looking for a practical information, not just for theoretical stuff from Internet coaches. This training provided me everything I really needed for my online education startup.

I was able to pick a proper platform for my online business, and create a digital product. I managed to setup an advertising campaign including email marketing, automated webinars and paid social media ads. As a result, I built an online education business with a completely automated sales process.
Sarah Lewin
Los Angeles, USA
I was a struggling entrepreneur. I had few digital products and even managed to make some sales. But overall, I did not have a clear understanding of what I do and where it would end up.

This training gave me a great understanding of everything from creating and selling my own digital products to the marketing techniques required to successfully market them. I managed to improve my sales and build a sales department using knowledge gained from the training.
Samuel Willson
Birmingham, UK
The information in the training is available online in a content portal and provided via videos and PDF's. You can complete the training in your own time from anywhere in the world and even fit it in around a 9-5 job.

In addition, training provides templates of modern sales emails, high-conversion presentations, contracts with clients, subscription and selling web pages. That helped me to save a lot of money and time.

As a result, I made my first 23 sales for the first 2.5 months before I even finished this 3-month training. That brought me around $5300 in revenue (in addition to my 9-5 corporate job). Two months later I decided to leave my full-time office job.
Alex Larkins
Dusseldorf, Germany
It doesn't matter if you don't have any tech skills or digital marketing skills, everything you need to know is provided step-by-step in this training.

I really enjoyed working with my personal supervisors. Really experienced guys lead me through all steps required to create and market my digital product. It included checking assignments, providing recommendations and feedbacks.

In addition, training provided interactive sessions with others who also work on creating own online businesses. Using their experience I got insights about different types of online education businesses, and managed to apply their working techniques to my business project.
Basit Khan
New Delhi, India
Frequently asked questions and answers
1. How do I choose a niche or industry for my online business? Which niche is the most profitable?
In our training, you will go through the process of picking a niche where you will learn how to do that, what should be taken into account, and how to understand that's going to be valuable for customers and profitable for you.

The first part of training is meant to help you pick your niche. If we expected you to pick it before joining it wouldn't be a module in the training program. Don't worry about picking your niche, join and we figure out that together. We have a full process for this.

Our training has been designed to be applicable to any industry/niche, so whatever niche you're in, the training will work for you. Our customers work in thousands of different niches and industries. The most popular niches are health, sport, education, entertainmen, hobby, Internet technology etc.
2. What kind of product do I sell? How do I do it?
This training shows you how to create your own digital edication products by crafting your own offer. So first we help you pick a niche based on your specific interests, and then we look into that niche to see what problems exist there.

Once that problem is detected, we see if it can be solved by providing a value in a form of digital education product. If it seems to be possible, we teach you how to package needed knowledge and skills into this product. If you don't have the skills needed to solve that problem, we will provide a process for quickly acquiring those skills yourself or contracting them out to somebody who does.

You will get insight on how to create a digital product in the form of course, video, e-book, software, graphics, podcasts, tutorials etc. In addition, you will understand how to make content of your product nicely structured, interesting and exciting to work with. Following our detailed step-by-step instuctions you will be working on creating your digital product. As a result, you will have a digital product ready for sale.
3. Will it work in my country?
We have thousands of customers all over the World. English speaking customers are not tied to one physical location and can sell their products everywhere in the World where people speak English.

Our techniques have been applied by customers from more than 20 countries, and the training has been proven to work worldwide. Majority of our customers are from USA, United Kingdom, Germany, India, Pakistan, United Arab Emirates, Canada and Australia.
4. How much time do I need to start online business? How long until I get results from this training?
Our training is designed for 3 months. This time is enough to choose a niche, create a digital product, build website, sales funnel, get first customers and perform first sales.

Some people who already run online business, manage to get more clients and start making more money within the first weeks of joining the program.

We designed this program so that you can work through it even if you're hard pressed for time. It doesn't matter what your schedule is like, if you can set aside at least 2 hours per week you will be able to work your way through it. These lessons aren't live, they're pre-recorded and available online. Communication with supervisors can be performed via email or skype at any time convenient for you.
5. Is it mostly consulting training or will it provide practical methods?
This training consists of theoretical (15%) and practical (85%) information.

This training is for all possible industries and niches. We show you proven methods that explain how to pick a niche, find out what its biggest problems are, and offer a digital education product that solves that problem. Our practical step-by-step guidelines and instuctions cover literally everything from choosing a nice to creating a digital product, marketing and selling it.

In our training we use use a predictable, proven process. Our supervisors have more than 5 years practical experience working with thousands of businesses worldwide. In this training you will have access to all our expertise, competence, practical skills, techniques and knowledge.
Do you have a question that wasn't answered in the FAQ section above?
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