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Who are we?
And what are we doing here?
DigiSenses Inc.

That's Albert and Vlad from DigiSenses Inc.

It's crazy to look back at everything that happened...

4.5 years ago we were working as a office workers with a 9-to-5 job.

We knew nothing about business and just recently graduated from college.

Today our company has team members around the world, and thousands customers in more than 50 countries.

However, life was not always like that!

The Beginning
Time when we were totally different!
1. First business!

We hated our full-time corporate employment, and started to make first steps towards private business after 6 months. That was not easy as we could not afford to quit the job. So first what we did was a graphic design company. Our first year we failed miserably and made $0.
That was a "promising" beginning!
2. Traditional business

After it we decided to try a traditional business, we found a company that produced food-trucks, and started to sell them. I cannot even describe how hard it was.

Laws, taxes, regulations, bureaucracy! Sometimes we felt that corporate office work was not that bad!

We promised that we would never do a traditional business again! And that was a turning point in our lives!
P.S: this business is still alive and flourish! And you can order a food truck with delivery to any part of the world! Click here to check it out!
Airbnb business
Renting out apartments in Europe cities
Being tired with food-trucks we were looking for something new. The option to return back to corporate job was not tempting. And we just blindly decided to copy a business idea of our friend. He was renting apartments on a monthly basis, and then renting them out through AirBnb on a daily basis. We did exactly the same!

So how it worked?

We rented apartment with a price $500 dollars per/month, and through AirBnb we rented it out on the daily basis with a price $50 per/day. In avarage, around 15-20 days per month apartment was rented out.

Meaning that we could make up to $1000 per/month. Eventually we had 5 apartments! Even though it was a lot of hassle like meeting new guests, cleaning out apartments, things went better!

That's a screenshot of our business!
Just one page! That's everything we needed!
Don't believe!? Check it here!
People who knew us, started to wondering how we managed to make it by not owning a single apartment. And we created an online course where we described everything required to start this type of apartment business. That was our first online business! We literally sold our knowledge! Many times, to many people!
Our first failure in business was so brutal that and it taught us a lesson we'll never forget: nobody cares about you, people only care about themselves and solving their problems. When we focused on what we thought people wanted or what we wanted, we failed!

When we took our focus off of ourself and put it on helping others, everything changed. For 3 years now we've been obsessed about delivering tangible results to our customers. It's ironic, by helping others we were able to help ourself. The more you enrich others lives, the more you enrich your own.
Launch your profitable online business!
DigiSenses is a company that we have been growing up for the last few years. Having success with our airbnb course we realized people need knowledge and skills.

And usually it is hard to get it. Universities are extremely expensive and require you spend years in campus. Not everyone can afford it.

Especially in Internet, online business, marketing. If you spend 3-5 years at university, knowledge will be already outdated. You will not be able to compete in the real market.

People need access to information. Instant access! To actual, useful and proven information! That is what we do in DigiSenses. We provide valuable knowledge!
"Time is priceless! Don't waste it"
Albert Bright, CEO of DigiSenses
Our main team is based in Oslo, Norway. At this moment we have 35 supervisors, business analysts and marketers who help our customers around the world to build a profitable online business.
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Our main customers are from Europe, United States and Australia. Since automn 2017 we have been working on building a team in India and Pakistan. That's very interesting and high-growing markets for us.
We conduct a webinar where you can find out how people all over the world manage to build online business and make decent profit just by using their knowledge and skills!

Sounds impossible!?

Click here to join our webinar to experience everything by yourself!

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